2017 Update Nr 4

2017 Update Nr 4
Added: 3 years ago | Updated: 3 years ago

Since launch Dec 25, 2016
6003 people have generated 103918 page views, 522 accounts, 212 devices, 96 private apps and 191 projects.

Periodically we will post updates like these. This is the fourth update and below you will find changes and updates we made since the last one. Leave any tips, comments or suggestions below.

Updated Github file
In this update we added support for SPIFFS, json config files and an easier method for uploading the IOTAppStoryLoader. In most cases all you need to do is replace the esp_helpers file in your current projects. But always make sure to start new projects with the most recent versions of the “virginsoil” files. Also use the appropriate ESP-Loader file for your first upload (4M version for all NodeMCU, Wemos boards and ESP-12E/F modules. The 1M loader is for Sonoff devices

New IOTAppStoryLoader upload method
The easiest and fastest way to start with is to upload the respective bin file using esptool (created by Espressif). And as a new user there is no need to patch your Arduino IDE if you do not want to write your own code.

SPIFFS support
As mentioned above we added support for SPIFFS in the ESP-Helper and the “virginsoil” files.  We also added the possibility for uploading these SPIFFS images to the “My Apps” section of the Control Panel. To find out how this works checkout the wiki pages and follow Andreas Spiess on YouTube for his latest videos on this topic.

New log (Control Panel)

  • Support for the added SPIFFS functionality
  • Support for multiple devices in a project (previously only the first one)
  • View the log from devices, apps, or projects (previously only from projects)
  • Added Filter fields

Wiki pages
We replaced the old how to page with the new wiki pages. And added information on how to get started, patch Arduino IDE, write your first App and so on.

Facebook & Twitter
From now on you can follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest news, announcements & published Apps.

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