Re-energising the Community Forum?

I understand the difficulties of creating a forum and then maintaining it, especially if you are making a living at the same time.

This 'product' that Andreas and Onno (w help from others Christian?) is a fabulous piece of work, but it seems to me,  having been a user for 4-5 weeks that people struggle to get started and need assistance.

This Forum, Discord and Facebook have clearly been active in the past but are getting little attention now.  Why is this?

Are people

  • content with the service and using it without issue?
  • giving up and going to some other OTA service?
  • moving away from Esressif?
  • unaware that they can help others?  Notifications of activity?

The concepts of IAS were not clear to me until I watched the video by Andreas #225 How-to Manage your ESP32 and ESP8266 over the Air (  - This should be front and centre in the WIKI but I cannot find it!

So, the intent of this thread is to pose the question shouid we re-energise the Community Forum?  If so how?

Since I am now retired, I would be happy to assist where I can but would need some assistance from those with a deeper technical knowledge in certain areas.

  1. It would be good to reach out to all registered users to find out where they are now - I cannot do this but presume an admin can?
  2. I'll try to post this on the FB site and see if we can get a response
  3. It would be great to get an update from Onno and Andreas - plans, needs etc.  e.g. subscription model?
  4. Other ideas?

Regards mick3000