Weather Station

Weather Station
Added: 2 years ago | Updated: 2 years ago

Adopted the Weather Station project (color edition) of Squix ( The current version of Squix goes in a direction I doesn't realy like (the mini_grafx lib usage), so I build my own version.

Main features:

  • HW: NODEMCU and Wemos D1 as ESP8266 platform;
  • HW: Generic 2.4" TFT display (ILI9341);
  • HW: DHT 22 (AM2302) as indoor temperature/humidity sensor;
  • SW: IoTAppStory (IAS) framework for OTA updates;
  • SW: ESP8266 Weather Station framework, featuring Weather Underground as dataprovider;
  • SW: TFT_eSPI framework for TFT display, with JPEG support;
  • SW: simpleDSTadjust to adjust timesettings according daylightsaving rules;
  • Colorfull weather icons and real moonphase pictures loaded from SPIFFS;

With learning a new programming language this should be a nice challange to start off with :-)

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