Lab power socket ctrl build

Lab power socket ctrl build
Added: 2 years ago | Updated: 11 months ago

Preperations for lib v2.0.0
More updates for this project / app will follow!


I finished the app and published it!

Automating some things in the lab and test my soon to published app. I built this from parts I still had lying around from previous projects.

  • ESP8266-12-E
  • 4 channel relay board
  • ld33v Voltage Regulator
  • perfboard, capacitors & screwterminal
  • old 5v phone charger
  • 4 outdoor sockets
  • 2 junction boxes

In the last picture I am experimenting with shielding between the ESP on the perfboard and the relays below them. While I have not noticed any Wifi interference. The relays did occasionally prevent the ESP from booting. A simple piece of scrap metal seems to do te job. (taped to prevent any contact with the perfboard traces)

I'm not using any buttons on the ESP. The device is set to check for updates on every boot. And will go to config mode if it can't make a Wifi connection. I will add a bootmode button in the future.

Future upgrades?

  • buckconverter instead of voltage regulator
  • decent "project box"
  • transistor for turning off the entire relay board
  • led feedback ESP & Relay channels
  • ESP bootmode button

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