2017 Update Nr 1

2017 Update Nr 1
Added: 3 years ago

Since launch
2067 people have generated 23973 page views, 244 accounts, 93 devices and 71 projects.

We had expected about 100 people in the first few days. So this exceeded all expectations, we could not be happier. Thank you for your interest, support and feedback.

Periodically we will post updates like these. This is the first one and below you will find changes and updates we made during the last week. Leave any tips, comments or suggestions below.

Create account
During launch a lot of people had problems receiving their activation email. Some received it in their spam box and a few received nothing at all. This became such a problem, that we temporarily removed activation part.

Since then we changed our settings and the email provider. So, this should be a problem of the past.

On 28-12-2016 we also sent an email to all people who we thought were affected by this problem.

If for whatever reason your still have problems logging in, please contact us at

Account > Settings
For all those looking to update their profile, check the new settings page located in the Account section of the website.

For the early users, we removed this from the control panel to the Website. From now on the Control Panel is dedicated to your devices, apps and projects.

Write your own apps
Andreas is currently working on a video about how to write your own apps. He's hoping to release this video till next Sunday (8 Jan).

Mobile users
Thanks for hanging in there! We finally fixed the Website, and the Control Panel will be following this week.

Share apps, projects and profiles
We added support for sharing nearly everything on IOTappstory. Whether it's your favourite hardware, your own project or that awesome app. (If you are unable to share your projects, the functionality might be blocked by your AdBlocker)

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