News 2017 - Hobart, Tasmania 2017 - Hobart, Tasmania
Added: 3 years ago

The ESP32 from espressif has been out for a few months now, and while there still seems to be a drought regarding availability of the ESP32, some have managed to get a hold of one.

And what have these lucky devils been doing with them u wonder?

Wel, some folks at the Open Hardware Miniconf (part of Linux Conf Australia, this year located in Hobart Tasmania) gave some nice presentations on the project they have developed specifically for this event, providing a nice insight into what it takes right now to get a project running on this new chip.

ESP32 Microcontroller Hardware and Software

By: Angus Gratton

microPython for ESP32

By: Nick Moore

IoTuz software design challenges and ESP-IDF

By: Mark Wolfe

ESP32 development example using IoTuz

By: Andy Gelme

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