WebApp and Toggle Button

WebApp and Toggle Button

This App is based on the simple Arduino button sketch. I’ve written this App for new and excising users to demonstrate the power of WebApps in combination with ESP devices.

This App uses the same blinkPin as the Fast & Slow blink Apps. I added a btnPin for manual control. Both pins can be set in the configuration page.

The WebApp itself is saved in SPIFSS. You can find the initial ip address in the configuration page as shown in the picture below. After rebooting to normal mode, browse to this ip address and add this WebApp to your home screen to use it just like any other App on your mobile device.


I will release this as opensource as soon as I cleaned up the code and added the appropriate comments.

I’m thinking about writing a tutorial about Web Apps & Interfaces for ESP devices. If you are interested, please let me know in the comments section.