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CP Upd: Add device options

CP Upd: Add device options
We added a new "Add device" button on the devices page in the Control panel. This will give you 3 options: IASLoader We all know this sketch! But for the new user...
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Reinstated Published Apps

Reinstated Published Apps
Over the last weekend, we reinstated the Published Apps section. These pages have been offline for way too long! Some of the newer users might have seen some reference to it in the...

Compatible hardware

ESP8266 Based

We support all ESP8266 devices that have at least 1024 kB of flash memory (4096 kB is preferred) and are supported by the ESP8266 core for Arduino. This means development boards, modules and chips for...

  • 21 Devboards
  • 7 Modules

ESP32 Based

We support all ESP32 devices that have a least 4096 kB of flash memory and are supported by the Arduino core for the ESP32. This means development boards, modules and chips for those that develop thei...

  • 31 Devboards
  • 5 Modules

Arduino Based

After leaving the Arduino boards a few years ago for the ESP variants. We are happy to announce that from library version 2.2.0 on we will support Arduino MKR & Arduino IoT boards. At first the librar...


From library version 2.1.0 on we will start supporting OTA updates to peripherals that can be updated through serial. The Nextion displays are the first to receive this support.