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How Do You Study In The USA After The 10th?

Are you planning to Study In The USA After 10th? Then this blog is for you. We have tried and covered most of the practical points, making it easy for you to decide. So carry on with the reading task and know more:

Study in the USA a complete guide:

  • Conduct proper research:Carry on with in-depth research, and compare at least three to four institutes before finalizing one.


  • Assess your finances: Sit down with your parents and discuss the available funds. If you are a parent reading this, consider taking loans for your child’s educational expenses. You can also make your child sit for scholarships or other entrance exams as relevant.


  • Apply to institutes of choice: Plan and complete the application task. You can seek professional assistance from professionals offering Sop Writing Services as a student. It will help you to get shortlisted in real time.


  • Apply for a student visa: Go through the specific requirements mentioned on the site and prepare for the same.

Tests that you need to appear in to study in the USA after the 10th:

PTE, TOEFL, or Duolingo English test: You will have to prove your proficiency level in English, whether you are applying for an undergraduate or Ph.D. degree in the USA.

  • Generally, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is mainly accepted. It takes three hours to complete the same, and you will have to pay a minimum cost of $220. Moreover, the test is valid for two years.
  • Coming to the subsequent Pearson Tests of English (PTE) cost $170 and takes 3 hours to complete. The results are valid for two hours.  
  • Also, Duolingo English test results have recently been accepted by institutes in the USA. You can seek a Free Duolingo English Test to get an idea and then appear for the paid one. It takes an hour to complete the exam. The exam costs only 49 USD, and the results are valid for two years.  

SAT or ACT exams: American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) are also part of the requirement when you are planning to study in the USA after 10th.


  • It requires 3 hours and 45 mins to complete, and the questions are primarily MCQ-based, assessing skills across four sections:
    • Writing
    • Reading
    • No calculator Math
    • Calculator based Math
  • The exam fee starts from $52, plus the center fees.



  • The duration of the test lasts for 3 hours and 30 mins. Students are assessed across four skills:
    • Editing
    • Writing
    • Data Analysis
    • Reading Comprehension
  • The ACT test starts from $150 plus additional fees.


Now, let’s have a look into the various scholarship exams that you can apply for when planning to study in the USA after 10th:

  • Scholarship from the AEF:
  • Global Leader Scholarship at the University of America
  • Scholarship for Asian Women in the world of business
  • Scholarship at the University of Cornell by Tata University:
  • Fullbright-Nehru award:
  • LSEF:  


Documents that you need to keep handy when planning to open a bank account in the USA:

  • An updated passport
  • Address proof (this can be the contract of your apartment or student ID if you are living within campus)
  • Student ID
  • ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) and SIN (Social security number).


Additional documents that you might get asked for:

  • Approval notice of I-20, I-797 and DS-2019
  • I-94 card
  • W-8 BEN Form if you are not eligible for ITIN or SSN


Now that you are well aware of the pre-requisites needed to study in the USA, let’s have a look into the advantages that you will get to enjoy:

  • Wide variety of subjects to choose from: Once inside the USA borders as a student, just after completing your 10th, you can choose between many subjects. This will offer a great time to explore before finally deciding to enter college.  
  • Top-notch career prospect: The colleges in the USA have great prospects waiting for you job-wise. They offer campus-based placements and adequate guidance, making you job ready at a very early stage.
  • Ability to experience multiculturalism: Many students migrate to the USA every year to pursue their academic dreams. This leads to the amalgamation of students from different cultures of the world.


Also, there are certain things that you need to prepare your mind for:   

  • You are now part of a new culture and will have to miss out on the festivities at home.
  • The cost of living is high in the USA, so you must be prepared for the financial part.
  • Also, the institutes are strict with grades and attendance, so be careful.

So this is all you need to know when planning to visit and once in the USA after the 10th. Make sure to have your priorities sorted; the rest will fall in place.