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NetSol Water is a sewage treatment plant manufacturers and supplier based in Noida, India. NetSol Water is a company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and installation of sewage treatment plants, which play a crucial role in wastewater management and environmental sustainability.
NetSol Water is dedicated to providing efficient and eco-friendly solutions for wastewater treatment, aligning with the growing need for sustainable practices in India and around the world. Their sewage treatment plants are designed to effectively treat domestic and industrial wastewater, ensuring that the treated water meets regulatory standards for safe discharge or reuse.

Netsol Water is Greater Noida-based leading water & wastewater treatment plant manufacturer. We are industry's most demanding company based on client review and work quality. We are known as best commercial RO plant manufacturersindustrial RO plant manufacturersewage treatment plant manufacturerWater Softener Plant Manufacturers and effluent treatment plant manufacturers. Apart from this 24x7 customer support is our USP. Call on +91-9650608473, or write us at for any support, inquiry or product-purchase related query.