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If any of these steps cause you Sciatiease pain, stop performing them and contact a corrective chiropractor for sciatica. Ice The first tip to get rid of sciatica pain is to apply ice. Icing is a safe and conservative way to reduce pain and inflammation, especially if it is a new problem and you have not yet discovered the cause of the problem. If you're wondering why use ice instead of heat, it's because heat can create too much blood flow to the area and cause even more inflammation, more problems, and more pain. You may have tried frosting here and there and are convinced it doesn't work. But if you only apply ice for 10 minutes every once in a while, you'll need Sciatiease Reviews more. It is best to apply ice for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off, two to three times a day to reduce inflammation so you can begin more advanced ways of treating sciatica. To apply ice, place a large ice pack under your lower back while lying down. Ice for 20 minutes and then place the ice pack in the refrigerator to keep it cold. Wait 20 minutes and then re-ice for another 20 minutes.


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