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Presto Testing Instruments is the leading manufacturer of lab testing equipments. We are responsible for design, development and production of different types of lab testing instruments like Paper and packaging testing equipments, plastic testing instruments, Paint and plating testing equipments, flexible films testing instruments, Bottle testing instruments, Bursting strength tester, Box compression tester, Salt spray chamber, Melt flow index tester, Peel strength tester, Torque tester, Scuff resistance tester, Top load tester ,Dart impact tester, Edge crush tester, Vacuum leak tester, Tensile strength tester, Coefficient of friction tester, drop tester, and Humidity chamber. As the industrial testing instruments manufacturer; all the leading manufacturing packaging firms trust on our products. We make sure that all the instruments produce accurate result while testing. We understand the value of quality control in packaging industry and ensure that our products will meet your expectation regarding the performance of the instruments. For more deatils visit at -