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QuickBooks vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central



While Dynamics 365 Business Central and QuickBooks can both cover basic accounting needs for organizations, that’s where the similarities end. QuickBooks is suitable for solopreneurs, start-ups, and microbusinesses needing software capable of handling business concerns like managing payroll and processing payments.



Growing companies will likely start having issues with the limitations of QuickBooks since its database isn’t capable of scaling to match a business’s growth beyond a certain point. Online security has become a major concern for organizations. While there have been recent improvements, the robustness of QuickBooks security doesn’t compare to that of Dynamics 365 Business Central.



The functionality of QuickBooks is limited to accounting, so companies get no help with other pressing business needs. Dynamics 365 Business Centralis a complete ERP that that provides robust functionality


In addition, QuickBooks is not extensible. The architecture of the Quickbooks desktop to online migration database becomes insufficient if your business is in the stage of planning growth, is growing or has already grown.