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Phantom Wallet is a hot or web3 wallet that works as a mediator between Solana (SOL) blockchain and cryptocurrency users. Chris Kalani, Brandon Millman, and Francesco Agosti launched the wallet in 2021, intending to make cryptocurrency easy to use. The wallet offers a safe and straightforward way to receive and transact SPL tokens and connect to different dApps (decentralized applications) on the SOL blockchain. The team behind the wallet has raised $118 million in funding via popular investors like Jump and Paradigm, A16Z, valuing the company at over one billion dollars. With this massive fundraising, the Phantom Wallet team can increase the product offering and expand its footprint over the cryptocurrency landscape. visit Phantom Wallet Extension OKX Wallet Extension Math Wallet Extension zilpay wallet extension Bitget Wallet Extension SubWallet Extension Xverse Wallet Extension Xverse Wallet Extention