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There can be a number of causes that can lead you to face Velop devices not connecting to closest node issue suddenly. You might be able or not able to identify the actual reasons behind that issue due to their complexity. But, to resolve that, you must use some common troubleshooting steps if you are unable to find the error’s source. Foremost of all, check the distance between the velop and its nodes. Also, verify the ethernet wires that you are using and whether they are lengthy enough or not. There must not be signs of tear or wear on those cables. 


Besides that, an outdated version can be the actual cause. So, to update the Velop software, go to the Linksys web management page. From there click on the advanced settings option and then hit on software upgrade. In the end, restart Velop to complete the software installation process. By considering the above tips the error that you are facing in the Linksys Velop device will be completely fixed.