The ESP8266-12-S has the same dimensions and pinout als de E and F versions. It does not have the SPI pins at the bottom of the board.

  • Based on ESP8266 wifi IC
  • Fully compatible with forepast versions ESP-12E, or ESP12F
  • FCC&CE&RoHS all passed
  • Further improved antenna design, better signal performance
Manufacturer(s) AI-Thinker
Used chip ESP8266EX
Flash 1,2,4 (MB)
Antenna PCB Antenna

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Used chip


ESP8266EX has 17 GPIO pins which can be assigned to various functions by programming the appropriate registers. Each GPIO can be configured with internal pull-up or pull-down,...

Arduino board settings

Board name:
Generic ESP8266 Module

Flash size:
  • 1MB (8Mb)
  • 2MB (16Mb)
  • 4MB (32Mb)
  • 8MB (64Mb)
  • 16MB (128Mb)

Partition scheme:
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 64KB OTA:~470KB)
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 128KB OTA:~438KB)
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 144KB OTA:~430KB)
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 160KB OTA:~422KB)
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 192KB OTA:~406KB)
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 256KB OTA:~374KB)
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 512KB OTA:~246KB)
  • 2MB (SPIFFS(FS) 64KB OTA:~992KB)
  • 2MB (SPIFFS(FS) 128KB OTA:~960KB)
  • 2MB (SPIFFS(FS) 256KB OTA:~896KB)
  • 2MB (SPIFFS(FS) 512KB OTA:~768KB)
  • 2MB (SPIFFS(FS) 1MB OTA:~512KB)
  • 4MB (SPIFFS(FS) 2MB OTA:~1019KB)
  • 4MB (SPIFFS(FS) 3MB OTA:~512KB)
  • 4MB (SPIFFS(FS) 1MB OTA:~1019KB)
  • 8MB (SPIFFS(FS) 6MB OTA:~1019KB)
  • 8MB (SPIFFS(FS) 7MB OTA:~512KB)
  • 16MB (SPIFFS(FS) 14MB OTA:~1019KB)
  • 16MB (SPIFFS(FS) 15MB OTA:~512KB)