4 Channel Relay Controller

4 Channel Relay Controller

This is a simple app for controlling 4 channel relays in and around the house. Wiring is all up to you and at your own risk. The digital pins for controlling the relay and the labels for each button can be set in the configuration screen.

If your system supports mdns visist the webapp at: http://relayctrl.local

The WebApp itself is saved in SPIFSS. You can find the initial ip address in the configuration page as shown in the picture below. After rebooting to normal mode, browse to this ip address and add this WebApp to your home screen to use it just like any other App on your mobile device.

Currently this only works on the local network. Depending on user feedback I might develop this app further.

Feel free to fork this app and use it in any way you like. I would appriciate Github Pull requests. And will be update this app accourdingly.

Future updates / Wishlist

  • Timer per channel
  • Static IP config
  • Control multiple relays from 1 screen / app
  • Node-Red home-assistant integration
  • Alexa / Google assistant

What features would you like to see in the future? Please let me know in the comments section below.